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Unless you’ve really started to dive into the meaning behind the phrase ‘Beware Of Comfort,’ you may be asking yourself what all the urgency behind it is. Why is comfort being labeled as something we should look out for?

When we were kids, we were all encouraged to dream big. We all had our sights on the career of a fireman, an astronaut, a ballerina, a doctor. But what happened to many of us as we grew older is we ran into a few walls and a few too many people who told us it couldn’t be done. But rather than challenging those voices and pushing forward, we stopped. 

Comfort crept up on us and we never saw it coming. But why would we be looking out for it in the first place? What’s dangerous about comfort? The danger isn’t in what’s happening, the danger is in the lack of happening. Our potential is hard to see because it lies on the other side of our action. Before we can get to our potential though, more often than not, we fold and take the comfort because that’s much easier. It’s always going to be easier to sit on the couch than it is to climb a mountain but which gives the highest reward?

This issue of comfort doesn’t stop at our careers. It effects every area of our lives and what’s more is that a lifestyle of comfort is preached to us on a daily basis. From our relationships to our diets, everything about today’s culture encourages us to buy the products, services, and experiences that are going to remove all the work from the mix. Having to work for anything doesn’t fit into the social status that encourages us to live as if everything we’ve achieved has been effortless.

Think about this for a bit. Because everything about reality screams the opposite.

Living in a constant pursuit of comfort would be like living your whole life in outer space with no gravity and no resistance against your movements. Sure it’s great and it must feel amazing but after a few months of this our strength would begin to dwindle. As inconvenient as gravity may be at times and as much pain as it may cause us when we fall, our strength comes from fighting it on a daily basis. We’re stronger because of it. It would be ridiculous to pretend like we don’t abide by the laws of gravity when in all reality, we have no choice. When in all reality, gravity is the one thing that makes us stronger.

We live in a world of constant resistance to anything good and comfort will always be waiting there in the wings for us to fold and take plan B. Nothing worth doing has ever been done without a substantial amount of effort pushing it to fruition. No external force is going to fight our efforts stronger than our want for comfort.

If you listen to the story of anyone who’s ever done anything great, you’ll find one or two things; One, this person grew up in a situation that was terrible and they were so sick of their way of life that they had to do something to change it. So they slingshotted in the opposite direction. Or two, this person found their life growing dull and stagnant and had to change something, so they took a leap of faith.

It’s somewhere in between these two stories that you find the good majority of the rest of the world. Very few people are willing to fight for the best things in life. These things will only ever be truly acquired on the other side of a great struggle and we’re lying to ourselves if we say differently.

Each and every one of us have something that we’re excited about. We all have dreams and aspirations but few of us are actually chasing them. This is sad on multiple levels. One, it’s sad because we go through life missing our purpose. We don’t feel fulfilled because we aren’t doing, and nurturing, the things that we love. And two, it’s sad because the whole world suffers for it. Right now the world is full of people who go to work every day and treat their relationships with a “meh.” Imagine a world full of people abandoning their comfort for a life of risk. A world of people not living each day searching for what they can get out of it but what they can contribute to it. Because actions preformed in the pursuit of comfort are selfish. Actions performed in the act of pure love are selfless.

So the comfort that we should beware of, is not a motherly comfort that finds us in a time of need but a comfort that steals us away from the things that will sharpen and strengthen us.

Beware Of Comfort. 

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